Cem Kesemen

Selected Works

Product Design for RBC Wealth Management

Designing web and mobile solutions for a client-facing project, while improving internal products, services, and processes.

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Product Design for Renault

Renault Port is an award-winning service designed for the customers of Renault automobiles in Turkey. I provided analysis, research, and design services for the product.

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B2B and Enterprise Projects for Renault

Design Thinking worked wonders for Renault’s end-user–focused apps, and naturally they wanted to apply it to their internal processes as well, resulting in increased efficiency and revenue.

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User Research for Google and MEB

Ministry of National Education of Turkey (MEB) and Google created an app that would guide potential university students in their selection process. I guided them in understanding those students.

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Co-Founder & User Researcher at Kullanıcı Ajansı

Kullanıcı Ajansı (User Agency) was a remote user research and recruitment startup I co-founded to help tackle cost efficiency and effectiveness problems of user and usability researches in Turkey. I designed parts of our platform, as well as help customers with running researches.

Honorable Mentions

Prototyping for Mastercard

Mastercard wanted a prototype to showcase their Masterpass product. We developed one, and stole the show at Mastercard Belgium’s Innovation Corner.

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Design Workshop for Migros

Migros is Turkey’s largest supermarket chain, which also operates the oldest e-retailer in the country. With an 8-week long workshop, we went over possible areas of improvement.

Design Consultancy for NTV

NTV is a news TV channel with a bunch of digital assets. I helped them incorporate usability measures and design thinking processes into their products.

UX Design for Moka

Moka is a mobile wallet and loyalty program software startup. I was hired after their first round of funding, to design the product on top of their technology. I was in charge of interaction design and prototyping, allowing the team to test different business models, including stand-alone apps and SDKs.

Usability Research for Denizbank

A tool developed to help SMEs manage finances, create an online presence through social networks, and be a directory to find other SMEs was having a hard time. I helped them get on track with usability analysis and user research practices.

In Another Lifetime

Product Design for ownCloud GmbH

ownCloud, a decentralized and self-hosted Dropbox alternative needed a management console and new mobile apps. I was hired to design them both.

UI Design for Outrob AB

Hired to create an interface for ERSs, a revolutionary energy-saving product for bus depots in Sweden, that worked by scheduling air-conditioning to warm up the buses.

Concept Design for Saab Aerosystems

As a team of 5, we [redacted] for Saab’s Gripen fighter jets. The solution, which [redacted], had parts implemented into the final product.